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Urban Drug Empire was Reviewed by the Vietnamese website and given 5 stars! check it out here.

Urban Drug Empire

Push towards your goal of becoming a drug lord in and around a gritty narcos underworld. Can you reach the top?

- Begin your journey as a drug dealer by making as much money as possible. Buy and sell drugs to earn big profits with stock market trading elements.

- Start from the bottom and rise up the ranks to kingpin! Expand your empire and shoot your way to the top.

- Travel to multiple real-world locations buying and selling products at the right price to maximise profits whilst avoiding prison

- Use grand strategy and gangster skills in this life simulation game to build your own urban drug empire!

- Purchase residential properties to expand your inventory space and improve your criminal and mafia empire.

- Purchase businesses and expand your underworld empire to become a drug kingpin.

- Expand and build your businesses to earn a passive income.

- Buy guns and weapons to aid you against crime, cartels, mafia and bent cops.

- Bribe shady cops to escape punishment and remove your wanted level.

- Use drug labs and weed farms

- Heal yourself using the doctor to ensure a long reign.

- Buy and collect luxury cars and jets to give you a better chance of escaping a sticky situation.

-Commit crimes in the city of crimes, earn respect, become a ruthless crime lord and build your own mafia empire.

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Zlinx (Android & IOS)

Endless platformer jump game Zlinx!

Endless jumper game. Jump and hop up through multiple environments that increase in difficulty as you progress. Avoid obstacles and enemies on your way to earning a high score!

ZlinxGameTitle copy.png
Screenshot 2021-07-29 at 5.22.26 pm.png
Screenshot 2022-03-28 at 2.12.52 pm.png
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