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Screenshot_20210317-175505_Urban Drug Em

Urban Drug Empire &
Urban Dope Empire

Start your life as a drug dealer, make as much money as possible. Buy, sell and make big profits. Expand your empire and shoot your way to the top.

Start from the bottom and rise the ranks to drug kingpin!

Urban drug empire - The drug dealing life sim.

*Buy low and sell high on the way to building your empire.

*Rise the ranks from a nobody to drug kingpin.

*Travel to multiple locations in order to buy and sell at the right price to maximise profits.

* Plus more

Screenshot 2021-07-29 at 5.22.26 pm.png
Screenshot 2021-09-30 at 5.00.46 pm.png



A fast-paced challenging endless runner!

* Collect stars for extra points.

* Test your platforming skills with unique stages.

* Local and global leaderboards.

* Plus more

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